Zhucheng Haotian Biotech Co., Ltd (ZCHT), the principal manufacturing partner of Nascent Health Sciences, recently announced its new corporate brand HOWTIAN®. The refresh of its corporate identity reflects the company’s expanded global footprint and commitment to the sustainable production of natural ingredients.

As part of efforts to consolidate and unify global business operations under the new brand, going forward Nascent Health Sciences will be operating as HOWTIAN LLC to best serve our customers in North America. HOWTIAN LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of ZCHT, will continue to offer our complete portfolio of ingredient solutions, including SoPure™ Stevia, PureQQ® Pyrroloquinoline Quinone, Inositol, Vitamin E and more.

Our leadership, personnel, and day-to-day operations are unaffected by these changes and there is no impact on the supply of our ingredients. Our promise to our customers stays the same — to provide the highest quality ingredient solutions to meet your product manufacturing and formulation needs. And we remain dedicated to partnering with food, beverage, nutrition, and personal care product manufacturers to promote health and wellness for consumers, to empower people to live better lives.

To accompany the launch of HOWTIAN LLC, a new website has been created along with updated email addresses — [name]@howtiangroup.com — for corporate staff members. Aside from that, working with us will be business as usual. If you’re a current customer, a company representative will be in touch with you to ensure there is no disruption to services and operations.

To learn more about HOWTIAN, its history and the exciting evolution of its business, visit https://howtiangroup.com/.

Nascent Health Sciences Announces New Name HOWTIAN LLC