Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (“PQQ”) is a micronutrient once thought to be a vitamin. It has the ability to be a REDOX agent and is capable of circulating in the human body to continuously combat free radicals. With its ability to transfer electrons, PQQ is essential for the mitochondria to produce energy and it stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis. This biogenesis process has been linked to health benefits such as increased longevity and improved energy. Concentration of PQQ occurs naturally in many leafy greens and legumes, and it is the most concentrated in human milk.

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Why PureQQTM?

pure qq

PureQQ® is a trademarked product produced by Weifang Shengyu Pharm Co., Ltd., marketed by Nascent Health Sciences, LLC. PureQQ® is available in two forms, Disodium Salt & Acid. Both forms are synthesized from α-Ketoglutaric acid which is an important biological compound in the Krebs cycle. PureQQ® offers the highest purity of its kind, >99%, and it is the only PQQ that has been FDA GRAS (“generally recognized as safe”) for use in food and beverages.

Technical Information

purepqq-image1Chemical Name:
Pyrroloquinoline Quinone Disodium Salt

Molecular Formula:

Molecular Weight:

CAS Number:

Key Characteristics:
Stable in slight heat and humidity

Publications & Research Studies

For additional information and a deeper look at the science of PureQQ®, please contact a Nascent Health specialist, and you may also reference our library of published studies on PQQ below.