Nascent Health Sciences, LLC has received an FDA “No Questions” Letter for the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) notification (GRN 983) of its SoPure™ steviol glycosides, effectively achieving the regulatory agency’s safety designation for SoPure™ Stevia as a food ingredient. The FDA had previously issued a “No Questions” Letter regarding the company’s SoPure™ Reb A steviol glycoside. This expands significantly upon that confirmation to now include the complete portfolio of SoPure™ steviol glycosides extracted and purified from the stevia leaf.

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SoPure™ Stevia Attains FDA GRAS Status

“We are very pleased to receive the FDA’s No Objection Letter regarding SoPure™ Stevia’s GRAS status,” says Hank Wang, Technical Director of Nascent Health Sciences. “This provides our manufacturing customers with confidence knowing that their stevia supply is not only grown naturally and sourced sustainably, but is also safe and backed by the most stringent regulatory approvals.”

SoPure™ Stevia is a trademarked family of commercial stevia products from the world’s largest manufacturer of all-natural stevia leaf extracts. SoPure™ has been successfully incorporated in formulations for a vast range of products across the globe including beverages, baked goods, sauces and condiments, tabletop sweeteners, confectionary products, dairy products, and personal care products.

To submit the GRAS notice to the FDA, Nascent partnered with GRAS Associates, a subsidiary of Nutrasource, to ensure regulatory compliance, substantiation of claims, and approval of labeling.

For more information about Nascent Health Sciences’ portfolio of stevia products, natural sweeteners and other sugar reduction ingredients, please contact one of our expert consultants.

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